Starsector console commands colonyhow can I fix my Seiko chiming wall clock? Seiko Quartz Westminster-Whittington Ref. QQX216B Cal. 12104 Japan This is my mother's clock. It was chiming 4 times per hour, but it was 4/8 hours off, so I stopped it when it rang 9 at 1 a.m. last night. I reset the hands to 9 and clicked a.m. on the panel in back and turned it off altogether.O2uj.phpxvleTurn the minute hand clockwise to "6" and if "12" is passed, stop and let the clock strike. At "6", stop and let the clock strike; if it does not strike one time, then move the minute hand pass "12" without stopping, and then stop at "6". The clock should now strike once at "6". Now turn the hand to "12" and stop.