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To help grab drivers' attention in areas where traffic management is important, Barco Products offers flashing signs, including solar-powered radar speed signs that indicate how fast the driver is going. All lights on these signs are visible from afar, while all parts of these products are weather-resistant and durable.

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If you see a flashing white signal while on the ground, you should return to your starting point, wherever that may be at the airport. 6) You see alternating red and green light signals. You need to ____.The signs are being replaced with new technology that can detect the speed of approaching vehicles and adjust the signal to prevent red-light running and crashes. A statewide review of the signs found that drivers often speed up instead of slowing down upon seeing the flashing sign, increasing the number and severity of crashes at intersections.

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Ontario's leader for traffic safety products and services. For the past 55+ years we have been proudly providing quality traffic management solutions to Ontario's municipalities, construction, industrial, private and public sectors.

So radar can be used in a moving patrol car, they use a separate, low powered radar gun underneath the patrol car aimed at the road to clock the speed of the patrol car. This is a very weak signal and is difficult to detect because it is aimed down at the road instead of in the direction of oncoming traffic.With an eco-friendly solar panel and battery package, BlinkerSign® LED Signs are capable of increasing roadway compliance in any application. The TAPCO-patented AutoBright™ circuitry measures the available light and adjusts the LED flash brightness accordingly. BlinkerSign® LED SPEED LIMIT signs are programmed to flash 24/7.