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Since the recoil got increased for assault rifles in patch 1.0 #12, many have been asking for an updated video on recoil control (how to spray).This is how y...For example, an auto rifle will have a scattered recoil pattern when using keyboard and mouse, but the same gun will pull upward as you're firing when using a controller.

In 1999 when Recoil was published, Zipper Interactive was a very little-known company. Due to the massive amount of video games for PC being released at the time, Recoil was hardly seen at all. [citation needed] When it was, however, the game received average reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings.Next Generation said that the game's selling points "are of the fast ...The Quickloop Overdrive 1X Recoil is a highly refined control system with universal compatibility. From its soft and ergonomic adjustable bar ends to it’s Recoil trim and 1X security system, the Quickloop Overdrive 1X Recoil is a high performance and feature rich method of kite control.