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Favorite Klaroline Fanfiction. ... Strangers upon meeting, Klaus and Caroline spend a night together, unaware that one of them is the hybrid King, and the other a Sister of Brigid. Chaos ensues when identities are revealed, leading to a disastrous turn of events. ... a rising star Katherine Pierce who wants to divorce Damon Salvatore, a famous ...

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Note: This is a fanfic written oleh me & Aline! The idea came from those Hogwarts picks of mine & the aktris & the houses were chosen here based on that. All of the girls will have cinta interests, too, some even multiple ones. We hope anda like this fic & the chapters to come! Reviews are love! :D

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Klaus tells Tyler to beg to save Caroline's life,he refuses, but quickly gives in and begs Klaus. Klaus then says that it would be pathetic of him to help her because once he did he would kill him. Tyler offer to be Klaus' slave if he heals Caroline. Klaus refuses. Caroline, hurt, ask Tyler to help her leave the room, unable to look at Klaus.A Baby Vampire & Her Original Hybrid. starfirekorys. My mess. whitteker123 SAID: Any fanfiction where klaus gives hope to Caroline to take care of or Caroline takes care of hope. The Safehouse by Angelikah. Always Been A Daughter by Quills And Inkwells. Family Tree by Jane Bennett.synopsis: during a drunk night, Bonnie reveals to her best friend Caroline that she has never experienced an orgasm. To remediate to her best friend’s misfortune, Caroline Forbes hires Niklaus Mikealson, a man worth his price. pairing: klonnie. 3: Between heaven and disaster by keenan24.

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