Xsw9uw.phpbdywyd1N34A Diode: Datasheet, Circuit and Alternatives. Tessie. 27 August 2021. 68. Product Details. ... 1N34 vs.1N34A The 1N34A is a full upgrade over the 1N34 and completely replaces it. According to Scott, there is no substitute for the 1N34A due to its uniquely low forward voltage of 0.1 volt. ... The 1N34A Germanium diode is an old standby in ...Hisense 55r6e remoteDatasheet: Description: Semtech Corporation: 1N34: 52Kb / 1P: POINT CONTACT GERMANIUM DIODE: List of Unclassifed Man... 1N34: 356Kb / 11P: GOLD BONDED, GERMANIUM DIODE: Micro Commercial Compon... 1N34: 69Kb / 1P: 65 Volt Germanium Diode: New Jersey Semi-Conduct... 1N34: 46Kb / 1P: Gold Bonded Germanium Diode: 1N340 176Kb / 2P: STUD BASE RECTIFIERS: 1N341 176Kb / 2P: STUD BASE RECTIFIERS: 1N342