Knightleys caravan park towynOur ebike motor simulator allows you to easily simulate the different performance characteristics of different ebike setups - with a wide selection of hub motors modeled, and the ability to add custom batteries and controllers and set a wide variety of vehicle parameters you'll be able to see how factors such as throttle level, bike weight, hill grade and many more directly affect the ...Pixelmon mint cuttingMar 11, 2017 · Stator Material: Unknown # magnets/Pole Pairs: 32 magnets & 36 tooth stator design. Magnet Height: 55mm Standard Winding: 33x3T Kv: 13.47 (970 RPM at 72V, 4A unloaded) Rated Max. Torque: 110 Nm Drop-out Width: 150mm, 220mm wide axle, overall. M16 X 1.5 Threading, with 10mm flats. Weight: 13 Kilograms. Single-Speed freewheel, M35x1 Threads.