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Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury (コノエ=アヤツキ=マーキュリー, Konoe Ayatsuki Mākyurī), more commonly known as Nine (ナイン, Nain) and the Great Mage Nine (大魔道士ナイン, Dai Madōshi Nain), was a magician, one of the Six Heroes, and one of the Ten Sages. After her supposed death by the hands of Yūki Terumi, Konoe mysteriously came back as the servant of Hades: Izanami ... FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH BLOOD PRESSURE ON SHIFT WORKERS AND ... A fun, light and easy read, a first in a series story, with a new take on shapeshifters, teleportation, a whole new back story about dragon killers and what happens to unmated dragons, a couple of hot sex scenes, and nearly a happy ending with hints of a lot more trouble to come in further books.

"I tried to move on, but nobody is you." & "I never should have said that." summary: somehow, reiner and you can't get away from each other warnings: smoking, drinking, just very sad reiner, sleepy writer (it is full of mistakes) word count: 1,807 You took a sip of your whisky. This was your third shot this night but you were too sad to get drunk.Ender dragon hybird!reader x Hybirds? - Anon It's so easy to see which characters I favor Philza: It was a dead giveaway what hybrid you are, with the large bat-like wings on your back The man is...