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On Tuesday a jury convicted Byron Smith, 64, a retired State Department employee and Vietnam War veteran, on all counts of first degree premeditated murder after he shot dead Nick Brady, 17, and ...

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This is the audio recording that was played during the trial of Byron Smith after he killed two teens that broke into his home. Other than what Smith said du...

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LAFAYETTE PARISH, LA — Officers carted in Brandon Touchet, 34, at around 3 A.M. on December 15, 2013. He'd been speeding and driving erratically while wearing full Buddy the Elf regalia, in homage to Will Ferrell's character in the beloved 2003 holiday film Elf.Touchet's Breathalyzer test measured his blood alcohol level at .124, considerably above the legal limit of .08.Byron David Smith, of Little Falls, Minn., was at a neighbor's house on Thanksgiving day, 2012, when observed two teenagers - 17-year-old Nicholas Brady and his cousin, 18-year-old Haile Kifer - casing his house. Smith had suffered a few burglaries and suspected that Kifer and Brady were the culprits upon seeing them.

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