Clasa de expunere beton holcimRead the below decision of the South Gauteng High Court on how a customary marriage is not valid until the bride has been handed over to the groom's family. Motsoatsoa v Roro & another. [2010] JOL 26460 (GSJ) Reported in: Judgments Online, a LexisNexis Electronic Law Report Series. Case No: 46316 / 09.Juju and des brother diedSouth Carolina Summons for Divorce Form (SCCA 400.01 SRL-DIV), is a legal document served to the defendant on behalf of the plaintiff to attend the hearing of the divorce case in-person or through a representation of an attorney. The defendant must respond in thirty days (30 Days Summons) or in thirty-five days (35 …. Free PDF Download.