Flirty texts to get his attentionAquarium Oxygenator - the Oxydator ... 3 sizes to choose from: A, D and Mini. Spare ... As of 8/22/09, you can purchase 1 quart of food grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide for $21.83 plus $9.33 shipping. They also sell pints and gallons, but don't forget -- you're diluting that 35% Hydrogen Peroxide by a factor of 6-to-1, so 1 quart of 35% Hydrogen ...Roomba update finishing5. The Ryukin Goldfish is a very beautiful fancy goldfish variety with a characteristic hump in the shoulder region. Average size is 6″ (15 cm) but can reach up to 10″ (25 cm) in a truly well-maintained tank or pond. The average lifespan of goldfish is between 10-15 years, but can live up to more than 20 years with proper care.