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A. To name, given the formula: 1. Use name of cation. 2. Use name of anion (it has the ending "ide"). NaF sodium fluoride. BaO barium oxide. Na2O sodium oxide. BaF2 barium fluoride. B. To write formula, given the name: 1. Write symbols for the two types of ions. 2. Balance charges to write formula. silver sulfide Ag1+ S2- Ag2S

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Boric Acid is a weakly acidic hydrate of boric oxide with mild antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The exact mechanism of action of boric acid is unknown; generally cytotoxic to all cells. It is used in the treatment of yeast infections and cold sores.Bauxite deposits invariably contain a range of impurities, ranging from organic material to trace elements such as Ga, Zn, Pb, P and Be. Table 2.1 shows typical compositions of a range of smelter aluminas. In the Bayer process, many impurities are at least partially soluble in the caustic digestion liquor and may be carried over into precipitation if they are not removed in the desilication ...For example, thulium-doped fluoride fibers can be used for blue upconversion lasers [7, 14, 15], and erbium-doped fluoride fibers for green upconversion lasers [5]. Praseodymium-doped fluoride fibers can be used in 1.3-μm amplifiers [8] and also for visible fiber lasers with red, orange, green or blue emission [4, 9, 11].

Object Response C: Ammonium Phosphate Response D: Gold (III), Fluoride or Auric Fluoride Answer and: Silver Fluoride Iuric Compounds They are named by indicating the cation first, followed by the anniÃo. Positive and negative loads should balance. Some  ¢ nions have several forms and are named according to the use of Roman numerals